Trond + Renate | Calahonda Norwegian Church

        The wedding of Trond and Renate:

        A Norwegian wedding with only 16 guests. It was a truly intimate and happy day, celebrated with close friends and family. The day began at a stunning villa in Mijas. It was all systems go as the wedding party were getting prepared for the day. Today was a little different as Trond and Renate were happy to see each other before the ceremony . The atmosphere was relaxed and happy whilst  the kids also looked gorgeous, which later set off many tears of joy before the ceremony.

        The ceremony was held at the Norwegian Seaman’s church in Calahonda. A lovely church with a leafy courtyard, it fitted the bill perfectly for this intimate wedding. After the ceremony the guests enjoyed coffee and waffles before heading back to the villa.

        The celebrations continued with drinks and canapés around the pool. I really felt as if I was part of this special day. Trond, Renate and their family and friends were so welcoming it was a pleasure to document the day. As the evening was drawing close Renate slipped into another wedding dress, a contrast to her earlier dress she looked stunning and was truly having a day to remember.

        Thanks guys and hope you enjoy a few of my favourites from the day.

        Ruth x


        Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda002 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda003 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda004 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda005 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda006 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda007 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda008 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda009 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda010 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda011 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda012 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda013 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda014 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda015 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda016 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda017 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda018 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda019 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda020 Norweigan_church_wedding_calahonda021


        September 18, 2013