Katie & Andrew | Casa de Los Bates

        Not really much the images and video won’t tell you about this amazing couple.

        Andy and Katie are from Northern Ireland, but now reside in Abu Dhabi. If I told you that Katie is a former Miss Ireland runner up and Andy captain of the UAE rugby team you wouldn’t be surprised either (they are).

        I have been going to Casa de los Bates for nearly as long as I can remember. It is now a first class wedding venue, it was back then, but just a bit more rustic, I do miss the big and loveable dogs, although maybe not all brides or bridesmaids do!

        So to the wedding……we don’t always get to meet brides before the wedding, and with Andy and Katie leading such hectic lives we didn’t get to meet until the wedding day and I do recall Ruth and I looking at each other after first seeing Katie with the look of “today is going to be one great day”.

        Ruth and I know Casa de los Bates very well and with a couple as nice (and beautiful) as these two, pretty much everything we pointed our cameras at looked amazing.

        Amazing experience working with you, your families and guests.


        Jeremy and Ruth



        Katie & Andrew | Casa de Los Bates