Gemma + Mark | El Canuelo | Granada

        The wedding of Gemma and Mark at El Cañuelo was a beautiful day to remember! Arriving at the venue, I was excited about what lay ahead. The views were spectacular and the venue was full of rustic charm. With all the little touches and details, there was some epic photography to be had.

        When I met Gemma and Mark, I was immediately put at ease. A lovely couple from Birmingham, they welcomed me into their day. Having visited El Cañuelo previously on a holiday and instantly fallen in love with the place, with their children, close friends and family around them, today was a wonderful wedding that wouldn’t be easily forgotten.

        Gemma, Mark and their guests were really up for a good time and a party! And with all the “little people” running around too, the atmosphere was both fun and electric, full of life.

        After bubbly champagne on the stunning El Cañuelo grounds, the guests tucked into a relaxed and delicious BBQ-style banquet. Once everybody had eaten, there was just one thing on their minds… music and dancing!

        What an amazing, lovely group of people. It was an extremely down to earth and fun crowd, and I really felt part of the wedding celebrations. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Gemma, Mark and their children, and I loved photographing every minute of their spectacular day!


        Ruth x

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        October 1, 2013