Cecilie + Simon | Corjito Bravo | Malaga

        I had a great time documenting the beautiful wedding of Ceciiie and Simon at the beautiful Hotel Corjito Bravo with Paula from Perfect Spanish Weddings. Cecilia and the girls looked stunning as they prepared in the hotels bridal suite.

        A close family friend conducted a beautiful ceremony at the front of the main house with stunning views of the Andalusian countryside all around. After the ceremony guests enjoyed some refreshing drinks and canapes, and it was soon time for a beautiful balloon release, stunning red heart shaped balloons were released which was a lovely moment.

        After cocktails, guests made there way to the main dining area to enjoy a fantastic dinner and lots of really great speeches and antics! The sun set over the wedding party and it was not long before the party was started as the DJ turned up the tunes and soon had the crowd rocking!

        Thanks so much for inviting me to document your day and wish you all the very best for the future.

        Ruth x

        Thanks to Paula from Perfect Spanish Weddings


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        November 16, 2017